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We Need Your* Help!

Hey guys, we’re trying to raise funds for some new gear to help improve our YouTube channel! On the shopping list is the new GoPro Hero 10 with media mod, and some new Bluetooth comms units. Our current comms are a number of years old and have been broken and glued together a few times, the speaker wires are dodgy, and the batteries in them don’t quite last a full day anymore.

The total amount we need is around $860 (sh*t is expensive!)

There are several ways to help:

$738 of $860 raised!

*current Patreon & PayPal supporters, NO. Put your wallet down, you guys help us out enough already!

PayPal Donors: (thank you!!)
Geoff (Tassie Adventure Rider)
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Yowie Grant
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Damien D (@snozed)
Steve & Claire L
Dale R
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Scott B (@scotts_picography)
David M
Stacey M (G&S 2Wheel Adventures)
Steffen W
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Robert D
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What is MVDBR Enduro?

Mary Valley Dirt Bike Riders began when an average bloke named Josh – deciding that 40 was a good age to get back into a dangerous sport – bought a Yamaha WR250R and a cheap action camera and started riding in the bush with some mates and filming it. He uploaded the videos to YouTube for his mates to watch.

Knowing absolutely nothing about video editing, the vids were pretty ordinary. As the YouTube subscriber count grew, the filming, editing skills, camera gear, and indeed the bikes themselves began to improve. He met an awesome like-minded motochick named Natalie, and a whole bunch of rad superstars such as Emmsy & Mad Mick, who became crowd favourites in the videos. 6 years, 4 bikes, and almost 300 videos later – here we are in 2021, with nearly 20,000 subscribers!

We still ride most weekends. If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, you can do so by clicking here.

The Mary Valley

The Mary Valley is located in the picturesque hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, home to some of the finest dirt bike riding areas in Australia. All the way from Gympie, Curra, & Sandy Creek in the north, through places like Widgee, Glastonbury, Mary’s Creek, Amamoor, Imbil, Kenilworth, and Conondale National Park in the south – we have it all. Tight winding single track, fast flowing fire trails, epic hill climbs, gorgeous scenery, and beautiful untouched creeks and waterways.

The Crew

The MVDBR are a ragtag crew of guys and girls who all have one thing in common: we LOVE riding dirt bikes, especially enduro. It doesn’t have to be HARD enduro, we just love getting out in the bush and blasting through some trails.

If you’d like more specific info on our riders, check out The Crew page which has brief profiles on all our regulars. There’s also heaps of other great info on this site, such as our awesome Tips & Tricks page. Feel free to browse around!

Josh & Nat