The Crew

Josh – 2015 KTM 500 EXC & 2020 Yamaha T700

Dirt bike addict, chief camera operator, video editor, and MVDBR founder, Josh rode a Yamaha DT175 and Kawasaki KDX200 in his teens and early 20s then quit riding only to start up again at the midlife crisis age of 40. Switching to 4-strokes, he started with a Yamaha WR250R but soon outgrew the road-trail and moved to a WR450F and then the KTM 500. Dirt bike injuries so far include a fractured 5th metatarsal, broken collarbone, concussion, and plenty of bruises and scrapes. Can regularly be spotted at the emergency dept of Gympie Hospital.

Josh’s 500 is fitted with an Akrapovic titanium pipe, Fuel Torque remapped ECU, MPE suspension, and various other trick parts including B&B bash plate, Force radiator guards, RHK foot pegs, Barkbusters handguards, ODI Rogue lock-on grips, SSB lithium battery, Click-n-Ride indicators, Strike Seats gripper seat cover, Goldentyres, and TuBliss in the rear.

Nat – 2016 KTM 350 EXC-F & 2020 390 Adventure

Nat first started riding at the ripe old age of 32 when she worked at Gympie Motorcycles. Her first bike was a Honda CRF150F but wanting a registered ‘enduro’, she inherited Josh’s WR250R and proceeded to bling it up with pink awesomeness. Once she outgrew the WR, Nat upgraded to the KTM 350 and is loving the extra power, lighter weight, and superior suspension. Dirt bike injuries include torn ankle ligaments as well as a dicky knee, and numerous sprains and bruises.

Nat’s 350 is fairly stock but has had the suspension lowered 60mm and is fitted with Force billet radiator guards, ODI lock-on grips, & Polisport plastic engine case protectors. She’s also added a Midwest Mountain Engineering clever clutch lever, a Strike Seats gripper seat cover, Goldentyres, & TuBliss in the rear.

Emmsy – 2007 Husqvarna TE 450

Although Emmsy started riding when he was 12, he was on an XR650 when we first made his acquaintance in 2017. These days he’s on a more enduro capable Husky 450. Emmsy also enjoys camping & breaking his Nissan Patrol. His dirt bike injuries include a broken leg, smashed teeth/face, torn ankle ligaments and 4 broken ribs.

The old school Husky has an Arrow slip-on pipe, B&B bashplate, Barkbusters, radiator guards, and bigger radiators. It’s also had some suspension work done and some red bling bits and a Trailtech speedo added.

Mad Mick – 2016 Honda CRF 1000L Africa Twin

Resident big bike maniac, Mick throws the big AT at anything and everything. A skilled rider with over 40 years experience, he has done a great deal of adventure & enduro riding all over Australia and is awesome to watch in action. Injuries include a smashed ankle 30 years ago, a broken collarbone from high-siding his KTM 640, and more recently a badly messed up shoulder from a low-speed crash on the A.T.

A very capable beast in the right hands, the Twin has been adorned with a snazzy MVDBR sticker on the windshield and a pair of Barkbuster handguards. Mick’s also added a cheap $60 eBay slip-on exhaust (which sounds awesome), a bash plate, a Camel rear tank, & adjusted the gearing ratio a little.

Danny – 2019 KTM 1090 Adventure R & 2015 Yamaha WR 450F

Danny is our resident Adventure Rider. He used to muster cattle on a dirt bike but now he mostly sticks to the easier tracks on his WR and big ADV rides on the 1090.  We sometimes like to push his limits with some of the enduro stuff and he really loves it most of the time even though the swearing and fist shaking would suggest otherwise. Danny’s injuries include a few broken ribs back in the day, but more recently a broken jaw & wrists from hitting a bull on his 1090.

Danny got tired of waiting for Yamaha to release the Tenere 700 so turned to the dark side with the spanking new 1090R. So far he has fitted a B&B bash plate and a couple of skid marks on the seat from the 125hp engine. Danny still has the trusty WR450F in the shed if he feels like hitting the really gnarly stuff.

Chris – 2017 Sherco 300 SE-R

Chris started riding in his late 20s on a brand new WR450F, and later traded that in on a new Factory Sherco 300 2-stroke. One of MVDBR’s original stunt crew, he doesn’t mind entertaining us with his shenanigans and sending it for the camera. Chris has suffered a broken wrist and vine burn around the neck from riding dirt bikes.

Coxy – 2016 KTM 450 EXC

We’ve been riding with Simon on & off for a few years now, another Imbil area local who likes to get out on the bike when he can. Coxy rides a 2016 450 Kato.

Roy – 2010 Husaberg FE 390

Roy started riding at the age of 6 but more recently was riding a KTM 250EXC 2-banger when we first met him. Since then he’s gotten himself a DRZ-400 tractor and traded the KTM for a Berg 390. Known for his wild and woolly dreadlocks, Roy often entertains us with his ‘just send it’ riding style. Roy has almost lost his nuts and foot to the dirt bikes but otherwise has been lucky.

The list Roy sent me of his current bike mods include bent radiators & Ego Barkbusters, blown headlight and parker globes, broken number plate holder, custom scratching to pretty much everything and a Midwest clever clutch lever & Fastway footpegs. Roy treats her well.

Seb – 2018 KTM 500 EXC

Seb was another WR450F rider when we first met him on our ANZAC Day Imbil ride in 2017, now he’s on the big brand new Kato five hunji. He started riding at 34 and can’t get enough of it. Seb has not sustained any major injuries on his bikes.

Crumpy & Shell

Craig – 2008 Honda CRF 450X

Craig only recently moved to the area and hooked up with us for some riding fun. A southern boy from the town of Orange in NSW, Craig’s done extensive riding both MX & enduro and was a regular sweep for some of the big rides down south. He prefers the more sedate pace of the enduro life these days, and also has two young sons who are both mad dirt bikes nuts as well. He’s a 2-stroke fan at heart, but currently rocks the big 450 Honda.

Razzle – 2017 KTM 450 EXC

Representing the HBTR Hervey Bay crew, Razzle rode bikes on and off from the age of 11 to 21, and started up again at 40. Another victim of the midlife crisis, Razzle went straight to an older KTM 450 then later on upgraded to a 2017 model. He has thus far been lucky enough to not have sustained any serious injuries from dirt biking.

Raz upgraded to this beast after owning the ’06 model for 3 years. It’s a stock standard 2017 model apart from the sweet little Akrapovic shorty exhaust, Barkbuster Ego handguards, and B&B radiator guards.

Brendan – 2015 Sherco 300 SE-R

Maddog is one of the most entertaining riders we’ve ever met. He hits anything and everything on his bike with no regard for his own or his bike’s safety. It’s always a great video edit when he’s along on one of our rides. A genuine good guy, his dirt bike injuries include a partially severed toe and probably numerous others.

Brendan’s Sherlock has all the fruit: 2017 plastics & seat, carbon guard, bash plate, Barkbuster Ego handguards, tough composite front fairing in place of headlight, Force radiator guards, lithium battery, & Funnelweb air filter. The engine also has an S3 head and a full FMF exhaust fitted. The suspension has been tuned by FFRC.

Mick G – 2015 KTM 300 EXC 6DAYS

Our enduro cross champion, Michael is a skilled rider with endless agility and energy. Be warned though, he brings the bad juju to other riders. Well mostly just Josh. Mick also enjoys hunting, 4WDing and probably seances and black magic. We’re not sure what injuries he’s had riding usually it’s just everyone else around him…

Kylie – 2019 Beta 300 Xtrainer

One of our awesome chicky riders, Kylie loves getting out on the enduro and also practicing her trials riding skills. She had a pretty horrific leg break from riding a couple of years ago but that hasn’t stopped her getting back out on the bike. We’re still looking forward to the day when she finally smashes Indicator Hill. Kylie was riding a KTM 350 EXC until recently upgrading to the sexy Beta 2-stroke.

Jesse – 2016 Kawasaki KLX 450R

One of our only green machine riders, we first met Jesse at the Burnt Marshmallow Crew ride. Back then he was as green as the KLX, however these days he rips it up on the big 450. Jesse started riding on a YZ80 at age 12, then moved to a ‘Berg 650 at 14, then onto the KLX. His injuries include a broken wrist and multiple shoulder dislocations, the latter which we’ve had the displeasure of witnessing first hand.

Force radiator guards and bash plate have been fitted to the KLX, as well as Ego Barkbusters, an FMF pipe, & some snazzy bling bits. Also the ADR gear has been binned to make it a lean mean bush whackin’ machine.

Jorgie – 1999 Kawasaki KX 125

We first met Speedy Gonzalez in early 2019 on a camping weekend at Imbil. A short statured Aussie-born Latin love machine, he’s a big fan of the green 2-stroke MXers but is looking to get on a registerable enduro/light adventure bike. He’s also in the middle of doing a ground-up restoration on a 2001 KX250 which is looking awesome. Not long after we first rode with Jorge, he unfortunately had a big off on the 125 resulting in a horrifically shattered tibia which put him out of action for a long time. We’re looking forward to more rides with the vertically challenged brown gnome as soon as he’s able.

Bruce – 2000 Honda CR 500R

Bruce is only allowed to come out riding with us on very rare occasions but when he does he rocks the big 500 2-stroke. Don’t get behind him when that thing is on the pipe.

Darby – 2016 KTM 350 EXC

Another midget among us, Darby rocks the lowered 350 with style and aplomb. He does know how to send it. A top bloke that doesn’t get out to ride as often as he should – but that just makes us appreciate the rare occasions a little more.

Zac – 2015 Yamaha WR 450F

One of the youngest blokes in the MVDBR team, Zac is fairly new to riding but that doesn’t stop him sending it when the need arises. A good sport who handles everything thrown at him on the trails, Zac has dislocated his shoulder and also broken his ankle riding the dirt bikes.

Wuz – 2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 250

Wuz started riding at 15 and it wasn’t long before he got competitive, doing pony express style rides in the iron man class by the age of 19.  Eventually riding injuries started to affect work so he quit racing and eventually riding altogether until his son brought home a bike in 2009, reigniting the old dirt bike flame.  Resuming racing it wasn’t long before the injuries started mounting up again so in 2014 Wuz toned it down and started focusing more on technical enduro type riding. Bike injuries include having his right hand smashed, both collarbones broken, and a broken foot that required a plate.

Wuz’s brand-spankin’ Gas Gas 2-stroke has been fitted with P-Tech radiator guards and bash plate, Steg Pegz, and a fan. These bikes come stock with all the fruit including full FMF exhaust system, X-Trig triple clamps and slick KYB forks. A nice upgrade from Wuz’s previous steed the ’98 Suzuki RMX 250.