Tips & Tricks

Goldentyre & TuBliss

Want so much grip it’s almost cheating? Get on board the Goldentyre train and find out just how much traction you can get throughout the entire life of a tyre. I choose the GT333 Mid/Hard tyre for the terrain around this area, and teamed up with the ultra low pressure TuBliss system, my bike becomes the ultimate hill climbing machine. I also use Goldentyre fronts, choosing the high side-walled GT216AA Fatty for the style of riding I do.
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Strike Seats Custom Gripper Seat Covers

Strike Seats gripper seat covers look & feel awesome! With a level of customer service rarely seen these days and a top quality product, I have no hesitation recommending Strike if you’re looking to upgrade your crappy stock seat cover for more grip or just want to bling your bike up a bit. With unlimited customisation options, the best materials, great prices and free express shipping in Australia you’re guaranteed to be happy with your Strike Seats seat cover.
See the website for more info and ordering:

Cheap Easy Custom DIY GoPro Helmet Chin Mount

I made a short video explaining how I attach my GoPro to my helmet, because I seem to get asked about this fairly often. It’s a very cost effective, simple, and lightweight solution, check out the video here:

Custom Shorty Levers

NOTE: this mod may not be approved for organised events/races or road riding in your country, including the AMA in Australia. A few people have asked about the brake and clutch levers I run on the 500. This is another pro cheapskate tip: they’re the stock Brembo levers cut short and (optionally) painted black. Some people don’t like not having a knob on the end of their levers but it doesn’t bother me one bit. These are cut to 2-finger width and I’d never go back to full length levers. So much better! If you’re keen to give it a go, cutting a pair of stock levers is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying some retail short levers. Just make sure to sand or file the ends nice and smooth. I paint mine too, just because it looks trick.

ODI Lock-On Grips

If you’ve never seen or used these lock-on style grips, do yourself a favour and check them out. No more grip glue, no more spray paint or hair spray, no more tie-wire, none of that crap. The clutch side grip clamps on with a small allen key setup and the throttle side grip is integrated with the throttle tube. One of the most awesome ideas I’ve ever seen on dirt bikes. The ODI kits come with throttle cams for popular models of both 2 and 4-stroke bikes. I used to use the EMIG style grips but recently switched to the “Rogue” model which have a much softer grip pattern.
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See my install video here:

Sparkling Clean Dirt Bike Plastics

It can be hard work keeping your pride and joy looking it’s best, but cleaning your plastics is made super easy with this multi-purpose cleaner. Gumption is a mildly abrasive paste that will bring even the dirtiest white plastics up to their former glistening glory, with minimal effort. Gumption can be purchased from most supermarkets here in Australia for around $5. Simply use a soft wet cloth with a small amount of the paste applied and polish until clean, then wash off with water. Simples!

Quick Strap Goggle Straps

Yet another awesome innovative product, the Factory Effex Quick Strap uses a Velcro pad to attach one side of your goggles to your helmet for quick removal and re-attachment. Such a simple idea but one that can really improve your experience out riding motocross or enduro. Ever stop for a bit and find your goggles fogging up? With this system you can quickly and easily remove your goggles temporarily with one hand, and they hang out of the way to the side of your helmet. And they are just as quick and easy to put back on. Perfect!
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No Toil Air Filter Oil

Who likes cleaning air filters? Not me. Although it used to be a lot worse job before I discovered the No Toil way of doing it. This biodegradable solvent free solution is fully waterproof, but washes out in water! Just add a scoop of the provided wash powder to a bucket of water and wash your filter easily with no kerosene, petrol, diesel or anything like that. I have been using this filter oil for over 3 years and recommend it to everyone. No muss no fuss! Bonus pro tip: buy the larger 2L bottle, and pour some into an old tomato sauce squeeze bottle (or similar) for super easy application. And don’t forget to shake the bottle before using!
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Tie-Down Points On Your Forks

A great idea, cheap and easy to do and saves yourself a lot of stuffing around! These tie down points can easily be attached to your fork triple clamp on most bikes and provides an easy solution for securing your bike with straps etc. You can purchase them online from Third Gear, or even better use my video guide to make your own.